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The Internet is filled with stories about hookups between escort women and men. These accounts are filled with commentary, criticism, and often sad endings.

This begs the question: do these “hookups” really happen? I don’t know anyone who has ever had a relationship with an “escort” (and I don’t count the escorts who hookup with hookups, which I’ll discuss later). So, let’s talk about this subject for a moment.

The term “one night stand” describes one of several sexual orientations involving two or more male escorts. Some night stands are one night stands, others are committed relationships, and still others are long-term relationships.

I define one night stand as lasting no longer than three or four hours. The term long-term relationship is something like my definition of marriage; it involves a relationship that goes on for a long time.

I Guess Single Men Can’t Engage in “One Night Stands” Anymore

I believe that the Internet myth regarding one night stands is perpetuated by certain elements of the Internet culture. I call them “snake oil” because it makes for good storytelling, and it is easy to sell. There is a common refrain among Internet “snowbirds” or “dateless” males: “All I need is a good hookup with a gorgeous woman, and I can pretty much have sex with her over.” It seems like an easy plan. It also seems like an accurate description of many situations in life. In addition, it explains so much in a short amount of time.

The Internet, however, doesn’t have the power of “snake oil” when it comes to matters of love and sex. I’ve read hundreds of accounts about long-term relationships, long-term marriages, and all kinds of relationships. I’ve heard the complaints of dateless, unemployed, and/or undesirable male escorts. And I’ve heard the claims that dateless, unemployed, and/or undesirable male escorts are getting away with serious physical and/or sexual aggression, as well as date-rape.

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  1. ” I’ve heard about escorts posting on blogs and forums that they “will stop taking classified ads” if their customers don’t support them enough.

  2. And, yes, the man has every right to protect himself and his family from such a woman.

  3. ” I’ve read about escorts saying, “I’ve been told I can rape her without her knowing if I take classified ads.

  4. If you want to meet a wonderful person, one night stands are great, and they’re not nearly the danger posed by one night in jail or prison.

  5. There are several different online agencies that allow single women to find like minded women that are into the same type of escorts as they are.

  6. This is just one night out, but escorts know exactly what to do to keep her happy over the course of the entire night.

    1. However, if you are a male, you can never rule out a potential date from being a potential stalker because there are online predators who are after male escorts as well.

  7. Escorts will generally stop taking classifieds if the woman becomes too specific in her choice of sexual escorts.

  8. An exotic dancer or someone who performs in the adult industry might be the one you want to try on one of these nights.

  9. The fact is that many women who advertise themselves as “students” or “date-sitters” are nothing more than opportunists looking for easy prey.

  10. Many women want to feel like they can walk away if they aren’t happy with the experience.

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